Hello 2021😃 Hello you👋 

So far we've helped Norwegians save NOK 200 million, but this is just the beginning for Spiff! We're on a mission to help people save money and build healthy money habits. 

Come join us on our journey.  

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About Spiff

Spiff is a new Norwegian savings app. We have helped thousands of Norwegians save NOK 200 million with one of the best-rated finance apps in Norway. 

We’re into breaking the barriers of boring banking as a team of fun-loving humans who are (slightly) obsessed with building the best social savings product out there. 

You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to make the world better. We will build the world’s best social savings platform. We need amazing humans, passionate about why we’re building Spiff. 

Our mission is to help people save money. Come join us.